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Fuel Your Brand’s Fire With Task Technology’s Social Media Advertising Services

Ignite your brand’s growth with Task Technology’s dynamic social media
advertising services. Our cutting-edge platform empowers businesses to reach their target audience effectively, driving unparalleled engagement and conversions. With Oyolloo, you’ll tap into the full potential of popular social media platforms, harnessing their vast user base and powerful targeting capabilities. Our expert team will craft compelling ad campaigns that resonate with your audience, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Fuel your brand’s fire with Oyolloo’s unrivaled expertise in social media advertising and experience remarkable results that propel your business
to new heights.

What To Expect From
Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Data Gathering

An initial kick-off meeting will be held with your Brand Success Manager (BSM) and the key Facebook advertising team members who will be working with you. During this call, the team will ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of your company, identify your main business goals, any important KPIs, and establish a communication cadence with primary stakeholders. Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of your business so that we can create your custom Facebook advertising strategy.

Internal Strategies

After completing your kick-off meeting, an internal strategy session will occur with the Facebook Ads team to formulate a winning plan of attack. From there, they will begin to execute the ongoing Facebook strategy to achieve your sales goals.

Insite Dashboard

Once set up, your BSM will schedule a walkthrough of the HigherVisibility InSite Dashboard. This is the reporting tool where gain access to all the performance statistics for your campaign.

Scheduled Meetings

Unlike other Facebook Ad agencies, we believe in transparency. You will have regularly scheduled meetings with your BSM to discuss your campaign performance, upcoming deliverables, the on-going strategy, and general progress updates.

Quarterly Reviews

Each quarter you will have a campaign review meetings with your BSM to discuss long-term objectives, campaign performance, strategy, tactical adjustments, and key performance indicators. We want to make sure that everyone is on the same page moving into the next quarter and that there is no change in the needs of your business.

Facebook Strategy Adjustments

Throughout the Facebook marketing campaign, your BSM and key personnel will analyze data to make strategic adjustments catered towards achieving your goals. As a leading Facebook advertising service, we are in-tune with the ever-changing social media landscape. Our team of experts are prepared to make any
necessary adjustments!

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Facebook Campaign Management

Exceptional Ad Copywriting

Writing ad copy is an art form that our team has perfected. The wording can make all the difference in the CTR of an ad, but also if the visitor is just browsing or actually interested in learning more about your product or service.

Ad Copy & Image Testing

The CTR of an advertisement will make an impact on how much you will pay per click. Our experts are great at finding the right mix between the ad copy and images that resonate with the audience.

Optimization for Conversions

Even if branding is your goal, our team works to make each impression and click count. We pride ourselves on delivering quality conversions for our clients.